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  • Thermosiphon

The Kingspan Solar FPTS Thermosiphon Solar System is an incredibly simple and efficient way to generate domestic hot water. The highly efficient flat panel collectors transfer solar energy to the heat transfer fluid. The fluid then circulates naturally through the storage cylinder. No energy is required to pump the fluid.


Features and Benefits

  • Indirect Thermosiphon system – Closed loop.
  • No pressure - Unpressurised tank, pressurised water.
  • No need for magnesium anode - Maintenance free.
  • Rust free - Hygenic, legionella free – 36 meters of 316L stainless steel coil.
  • Easy installation - Lightweight solar tank.
  • Tested and certified - EN 12976-1:2 and Solar Keymark.

Thermosiphon System Brochure